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August 14, 2013


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Recently, we have seen many people making pictures about how much they are hated and how much some deserves to burn because of the supposed hatred they get from them.

I don't know if those people gonna read this but.... This isn't hate you recieve! It is called negative criticism or/and satire. How in the world, you morons wants to become better people, improving your skills, correct some stuff you have done wrong if you take goddamn criticism forward yourself as HATE! People doing criticism wants you to become a better artist or person. Listen to them and STOP LISTENING TO YOUR EGO!

Getting a wall of text explaining you what you get WRONG in a picture like the light, the posing, the drawning or the writing if it is a comic is not hatred, it just someone trying to help YOU to become better, by showing YOU what is done wrong, like that, YOU can do better next time, by trying to get such things right in your next try.

Hate is someone that wants something to die, to disappear of all existence. The only one that can be considered truly hated today is Epickitty. He kinda seeks for it.

And before you point out PC1073 or Turkish Phantom, let me say two things about them
Turkish Phamtom: Harsh criticism =/= Hate

Edit: Following the journal of Noobmister and his unability to unblock for we speak about it HIS journal, I need to counter his arguments here.

Then you see that journal, you see that I am talking for the MAJORITY of the cases why people say they are hated. I guess it would have been clear just by seeing how I am not referencing any specifics drama in the journal,I stay vague in that domaine.

Second, like i say, I was talking about he majority, I didn't mention the rare time PC was a dick and made what you call "hate-art". Sure, at times, he wasn't satarical, and that's why I send his video. Sometimes, PC will be malicious with, for example, the comic about Neros where he gives his character model at everyone. But most of the time, he is satirical. He overdone poeple flaws for they laugh at it and for they see it and try to correct it like a comedy made by Moliere (just less long and less subtle). He even make fun of himself in some of his works (Ex:… ) for showing he is aware of his own stupidity at times. BTW, for his supposed "Paraphobic" , he made clear in his Tiarawhy comic he did look at Zone animated Flash and as far as I know, I see no comic about him. He is just against Yiff IN ANY FORMS and dislike people that scream at people how much they love to fap while thinking about Anthromorphics characters (Ponies included).

And here comes the case of Turkish. I repeat, harsh does not equal hate. I admit, it is easy to think they are equal but it far from that. If Turkish wanted Neros to die, I think he would have stay on DeviantArt the time Neros was on it too nd destroying everything he made via comments and journals until he breaks and quit DeviantArt for the second time.

And for the last sentence, there is one word you keep using brainlessly during your journal. The word "HATE". It seems you dont understand, like 90% of his community, what that word TRULY means. Hilter hated jews, the americans hated the Japanese and vice-versa during the WWII. Thinking I am a bit too harsh? No! The word hate truly is a heavy word, meaning one wants the other to disappear or at best, making him suffer the worst possible, and I don't tak about two comics or a picture. I am talking about things like physical torture. Hate is generally follow with an obsession to the one with it, to stalk everything the victim is doing. I did waste a lot of time with PC recently and so far, he never talks or even mentions Neros during 4 straight hours of discussion on Skype every day after the release of Payday 2!


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ThatCursedTripod Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I see because everyone is seeing that making GMod pictures is like a job. And mostly people  are like "AH DUN LAIK WHAT U DOO. DOO WAT AH LIKE". But criticism can be given by being polite and pointing the flaws in a good manner
TheFranckCarde Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist
No, people see that as an lobby but still... Even if it is a lobby, isn't it nice to get better to something you like to do?

And yeah, a lot of people are like that.... That's bitching ... And I regreat there's people like that on a website where people mainly comes to show their works... People must make the difference between spoiled brat, critics and trolls. And they rarely get it right!

Did I say anything about criticism needed to be harsh? No, I point out that harsh criticism isn't hate. You can critic something with almost every way possible, going to aggressive to humorous to friendly. That's only depends of the people doing the critic.
ALMarkAZ Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
REDBLUTEAM Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Agreed. Sure it maybe hurtful but its real talk.
XtremeTerminator4 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well Judge, totally agreeing with your point about this.
Another valuable lesson We learned, once again.
Travler66 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This makes alot of sense.

Today, I learn from you.
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